January 10, 2006


Top-money makers explode myths (Michael Medved, 1/10/06, Jewish World Review)

Among the fifteen most popular films, only one — number five, "Weddings Crashers" — was rated "R," and none of them was even vaguely controversial.

The biggest blockbusters — "Star Wars," "Harry Potter," "Narnia," —hardly explored edgy approaches to sex or politics.

Meanwhile, the radically different list of top Oscar contenders is dominated by adults-only, controversial fare, with "Brokeback Mountain," "Munich," "Syriana," "Good Night and Good Luck," "Capote," and "Transamerica" leading the way.

The movie establishment honors precisely those releases that fail to connect with mainstream audiences: edgy message movies from a liberal perspective.

He must not read Polly Toynbee.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 10, 2006 5:04 PM

The Disney corporation's roots sometimes saves the studio from itself, since their bread and butter is made from films like Narnia or their animated releases (with or without Pixar). But you can bet the executives felt prouder around Hollywood when they were picking up kudos several years ago for the films they were releasing thorugh the Weinstein brothers' Mirmax company. And on an inividual paycheck level, the film industry seems to grant bigger advances to people involved with a successful "edgy" picture when it comes along than those who produce more family-oriented fare, while the actors/directors involved can stay hot properties through several years of bombs just on the political ideology acceptance of that one movie.

Unless the defference in box office/home sale receipts becomesso great that it can't be ignored anymore, Hollywood will give up millions collectively for the chance at critical acclaim from the usual sources, and potential big paydays based on past glory alone for years to come, if that type of film actually finds and audience.

Posted by: John at January 10, 2006 6:29 PM

Family-oriented makes films sound boring. There can be movies about adult themes not suitable for children that aren't violent, vulgar and vicious and there can be films which target kids that a family can attend together.

I hope Hollywood gets it together because we haven't been to the movies since the last Harry Potter which we really didn't like very much. I can't even remember the last film we saw that we really liked.

Posted by: erp at January 10, 2006 7:12 PM

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Posted by: obc at January 10, 2006 8:15 PM

By far the best movie I've watched in the 21st Century, and I've watched it at least five times, is "Second Hand Lions".
I've never met anyone of any political or religious leaning who, having once seen it, wouldn't view again.

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Posted by: Mike Daley at January 10, 2006 9:43 PM

Wedding crashers was a pretty conservative film. The 2 main characters grew up and got married in the end. The gay character was portrayed as a flake as was the guy who remained a wedding crasher into his 40s. It was hilarious too. OJ has stated that humor is conservative so I reckon he'd approve.

Posted by: JAB at January 10, 2006 10:47 PM