January 29, 2006


Mitch Landrieu to run for Mayor (Christopher Tidmore, January 30, 2006, Louisiana Weekly)

Sources close to the Lieutenant Governor reveal to The Louisiana Weekly that Mitch Landrieu will run for Mayor of New Orleans in the April 22 primary.

With qualifying less than a month away, almost ever political observer views Landrieu as the immediate front runner, as problems continue to mount for incumbent Mayor Ray Nagin.

Landrieu's decision is only the latest development in what is becoming the most eventful election year in recent memory.

It will be immensely useful to the GOP to have Democrats blaming each other for the Hurricane damage.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 29, 2006 1:06 PM

And watching all the fun that's going to happen with absentee balloting is going to require TWO bowls of popcorn.

Posted by: Rick T. at January 29, 2006 1:18 PM

But unless this Landrieu is any different from the rest, it's just like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic for New Orleans.

Posted by: John at January 29, 2006 2:48 PM

Isn't going from Lt Governor to Mayor a step down for Landreau? Especially when Blanco is probably not going to get reelection to governor?

Posted by: AWW at January 29, 2006 3:16 PM

Landreau is probably figuring another run by Jindal for governor in '07, combined with the negative name recognition in the rest of Louisiana an 'old guard' name might have in the wake of Katrina makes a governor's bid iffy, while as low as New Orleans' situation is right now, anyone who follows Nagin during the main part of the rebuilding period (with huge media coverage) is going to get a PR boost in comparison. Mayor Lanrdeau II wouldn't have to do much positive, just don't mess up as much as Ray, and pray that no hurricane hits the city during your third or fourth year in office.

Posted by: John at January 29, 2006 3:40 PM

The part of the article I found interesting was that the republicans tried two times to get the state to do a sonar scan of the levees which would have shown up the faulty construction. The dems stopped that happening. If it had been done and the levees then fixed, then the floods would not have happened. Strange that no LLL MSM says anything about this.

Posted by: dick at January 29, 2006 3:53 PM

I don't suppose that the huge amount of contracts that will be signed shortly has anything to do with the Lt. Gov's decision. The bribes involved would balance the budgets of most of the planet's nations.

Posted by: obc at January 29, 2006 4:39 PM

It's all about the money.

Posted by: Genecis at January 29, 2006 10:29 PM