October 30, 2005


MAPping the Future: Is the Philippines dying? (Corazon PB. Claudio, October 31, 2005, Philippine Daily Inquirer

"THE REPUBLIC OF THE Philippines is dying. A grand but failed experiment, its American political facade masks a historic Hispanic reality--where wealth and political power in a former colony remains concentrated in the hands of a few families... Today, even if they wanted to, they cannot prevent a complete political 'melt-down,' one provoked in large part by their own failures and successes. The Philippines, like the equally fictive former Soviet Union, will soon disintegrate." (Joseph E. Fallon, author of Deconstructing America: Immigration, Nationality and Statehood.)

That is an excerpt from the opening paragraph of Fallon's foreword in the book of David C. Martinez, "A Country of Our Own, Partitioning the Philippines" (California: Bisayas Book, 2004). [...]

The Philippines, according to Martinez, is not a nation but a fabricated state, artificially united, centrally controlled and ruled by a few hundred powerful families who own or control about half of the country's wealth.

His recommended cure: partition the Philippines into five regions: Luzon, Cordillera, the Visayas, Mindanao, and Bangsamoro.

By doing so, he submits, we could return to our "original sense of culture and community" and become "nations again both in character and in form, nations free to retrieve our plural pasts, recapture our communal identities, and redeem our original values."

Some readers of the book, especially those quoted or referred to in ways that hurt them, will not agree with Martinez's analysis and recommendation. But perhaps, most readers will agree with former Education Secretary Bro. Andrew Gonzales that the book is "immensely stimulating."

Like Indonesia, it makes little sens to try and administer an archipelago so centrally--devolution into smaller polities is inevitable and good.

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