October 19, 2005


India To Forge Plan With US To Separate Civilian, Military Nuclear Programs (AFP, Oct 18, 2005)

The United States and India will draw up a plan separating India's civilian and military nuclear facilities to pave the way for implementation of their landmark atomic energy cooperation deal by early 2006, a senior US official said Tuesday.

Nicholas Burns, undersecretary of state for political affairs, said he would discuss the separation plan with Indian officials during a trip to New Delhi this week. [...]

He said that the US Congress would be in a position to amend laws prohibiting US nuclear cooperation with India once New Delhi committed itself to the separation scheme.

"Once that plan has been clearly enunciated and once it has been committed to by the Indian government, I think it will be a very short time before the United States Congress makes the necessary legislative changes to bring this into being and that would be a very welcome moment indeed," Burns said.

Meanwhile, the MSM pays more attention to who sits in which deck chair in the German government.

Posted by Orrin Judd at October 19, 2005 8:45 AM
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