September 14, 2005


Kinsley Leaves The Times: The editorial page editor's brief tenure at the paper was marked by experimentation that was lauded by some and lambasted by others. (James Rainey, September 14, 2005, LA Times)

Los Angeles Times editorial page editor Michael Kinsley is leaving the newspaper after a little more than a year, saying his attempts to alter the nature of opinion journalism and buff up its profile on the Internet mostly failed.

Times Publisher Jeffrey M. Johnson announced Kinsley's departure Tuesday and said the onetime host of television's "Crossfire" has been replaced by Andrés Martinez, his top assistant. Martinez, a former finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, is the first Latino to head the paper's editorial and opinion pages.

The press release announcing the change said Kinsley was "resigning," but the outgoing editor painted a less-than-amicable parting in an e-mail to his staff Tuesday morning.

"For whatever reason," Kinsley wrote, "Jeff isn't merely uninterested in any future contribution I might make, but actively wants me gone."

You knew his days were numbered when he wrote an honest column the other day.

Posted by Orrin Judd at September 14, 2005 6:47 AM
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