April 21, 2005


Can Condoleezza Rice speak Russian? (Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, Pravda, April 21st, 2005)

For the information of Condoleezza Rice, who despite being Secretary of State of her country, continues to demonstrate an ignorance of world affairs at a shockingly consistent level, the notion that the Kremlin exerts a grip on the media is a fairy tale invented in the gardens of Washington. As correspondent of the English version of Pravda.Ru, director and chief editor of the Portuguese version and collaborator for three other Russian publications, two of these being official media organs, I have frequently asked for guidelines from the Kremlin on what line to follow.

The answer: "We are afraid we cannot give you any guidelines as you request. You will have to write the truth, after checking your sources, obviously", or words to this effect every time the question is posed.

Stalin had the same problem. Eventually he got so tired of journalists asking for guidelines he shot them.

Posted by Peter Burnet at April 21, 2005 5:58 PM

This Bancroft-Hinchey guy is pretty much the Walter Duranty for the modern age. He's a journalist and he frequently askes the Kremlin for guidelines? What the hell?

Posted by: Governor Breck at April 21, 2005 8:38 PM

He asked for guidelines? Oh, so he wanted the Russian Government to tell him what the spin was to be, and he was upset that they told him to figure it out for himself.
Sounds like an upstanding, principled chap, there. Guardian of the truth and all that. You know, the fact that he actually admits he asked for guidelines tells me that he isn't overly bright. Perhaps the Kremlin didn't bother, believing that it would be a total waste of time because he would screw it all up.

Posted by: Mikey at April 22, 2005 8:39 AM


I think he asked for guidelines and was given them.

Posted by: Peter B at April 22, 2005 6:30 PM