February 18, 2005


Schieffer Brothers' New Jobs Won't Strain Bonds, They Say (JACQUES STEINBERG and DAVID E. SANGER, 2/18/05, NY Times)

Bob Schieffer likes to say that he is more than just a sibling to his younger brother, Tom. "Hell, I raised him," Mr. Schieffer said in a recent interview, his eyes watering as he recalled the years immediately after their father's sudden death, which left a 20-year-old Bob and his mother to care for a 10-year-old Tom.

But the bonds, and bounds, of that familial intimacy are about to come into play as never before. Tom Schieffer was recently nominated by President Bush - his friend and former business partner in the Texas Rangers baseball team - to be ambassador to Japan, and Bob Schieffer, the longtime host of "Face the Nation" on CBS, will soon become interim anchor of "CBS Evening News."

What would Bob do if he had to introduce a segment on the evening news about how Japan and the United States are confronting North Korea? And how would Tom respond to CBS inquiries about classified data concerning not only North Korea's suspected nuclear arsenal but also American economic strategy in Asia?

No problem, both of them say.

"In the beginning, people said, 'Oh, he's going to be a great source for you,' " said Bob, who is expected to be the CBS anchor for at least three months. "I say, 'He's going to be the worst source I ever had!' No. 1, when you're talking to a United States ambassador on an open line, you're talking to every intelligence agency in the world. Sometimes the echo is so loud."

Speaking on one of those open lines from Australia, to which he is ambassador now, Tom struck a similar chord.

"What we depend on more than anything else are each other's integrity," he said. "I recognize that there are certain places I can't go with him, and places he can't go with me."

This piece shows just how trivial the modern "ethics" industry is.

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 18, 2005 7:56 AM

Somebody finally needs to nail Tom on that Sammy Sosa for Harold Baines trade, after the White Sox had already retired Baines' number for pete's sake. Bob can show his independence by starting there, then he can go on to Jose Canseco's charge that the Rangers' locker room was a hotbet of steroid use in the early 1990s and that the executives had to have known about it ("Bush lied! Home run records died!") That's about on the level CBS News is operating on anyway.

Posted by: John at February 18, 2005 9:14 AM