February 18, 2005


Why men fall asleep after sex (David Wilkes, 2/17/05, Daily Mail)

The gentle buzz of snoring is among the most annoying sounds known to woman. Especially when it happens shortly after a passionate encounter.

Yesterday scientists explained exactly why it is that men have a tendency to nod off after making love.

Apparently, it's nothing to do with wanting to avoid a cosy chat with their partner. According to the scientists, they are simply tired out.

'As frustrating as it is for most women that their male partners just roll over and fall asleep after sex, men aren't entirely to blame,' said Dr Neil Stanley, director of sleep at the University of Surrey.

'Humans are the only animals in which sleep and sex are linked and while often seen as just a poor excuse, there are scientific reasons why men feel tired after sex.

'The blood rush after climax depletes the muscles of energy-producing glycogen, leaving men feeling physically drained.

'Because they have more muscle mass than women, men become tired after sex and this subsequently leads to them feeling sleepy.'

Avoiding conversation is a bonus.

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 18, 2005 12:00 AM

From all indications, The Wife has an extraordinary sense of humor.

Posted by: ghostcat at February 18, 2005 2:16 AM

Depends on who does the work. Don't it?

Posted by: Robert Schwartz at February 18, 2005 2:38 AM

Didn't seem to abridge Bill Clinton's speeches.

Posted by: Axel Kassel at February 18, 2005 7:07 AM

A phone rings in the White House:


Bill Clinton, this is Yassar Arafat, can I stop in and see you?

No. I'm going to take a nap.

Posted by: AllenS at February 18, 2005 7:56 AM

What does Bill Clinton do after an evening of hot sex?

He phones Hillary and tells her he'll be home in an hour.

Posted by: Bart at February 18, 2005 9:08 AM

Of course, based on the commericals, if you take Cialis, not everything goes to sleep right after sex...

Posted by: John at February 18, 2005 9:28 AM

My sense of humor isn't that extraordinary. One can avoid conversation by sleeping on the couch as well.

Posted by: The Wife at February 18, 2005 10:15 AM


Posted by: oj at February 18, 2005 11:11 AM

It's getting good now.

Posted by: AllenS at February 18, 2005 11:24 AM

Oh, yeah.

Posted by: joe shropshire at February 18, 2005 1:30 PM