January 31, 2005


State Democrats back Dean for DNC post (WILL LESTER, January 30, 2005, Associated Press)

Howard Dean won the backing of state Democratic Party leaders Monday, putting him in a strong position to win the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee.

"If all of our members vote for him, that will be half of what he needs to win the chairman's job," said Mark Brewer, chairman of the Association of State Democratic Chairs.

The party's presidential front-runner in 2003 won 56 votes from the state chairs and Democratic activist Donnie Fowler won 21 during a national conference call. The state chairs ignored a recommendation made Sunday by the executive committee to back Fowler. Other candidates' support Monday was in single digits.

"We're asking all of our state chairs and vice chairs to follow our endorsements," Brewer said, noting that would bring 112 votes. "And we think they will."

Every dollar spent and minute invested in states that they can't carry takes away from the battlegrounds where they aren't quite dead yet.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 31, 2005 4:33 PM
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