January 28, 2005


Outsider looking in
: Howard Dean, Beltway-basher, aims to head the Democratic Party. Go figure. (Mark Z. Barabak, Jan 28 2005, LA Times)

Another hotel ballroom and, again, Howard Dean is at center stage.

The audience, hundreds strong, is rapturous, worshipful, hanging on every word like a life line tossed from the slightly elevated platform. Dean, who is running to become chairman of the national Democratic Party, speaks to the put-upon sentiment of every Californian in the crowd, promising to treat the state as more than a dispensary of cash to spend someplace else.

But that's not all. Democrats have to run to win in all 50 states, Dean continues, venturing into red-voting redoubts like Alabama, and Mississippi and Montana. His voice rises as Dean ticks off the states, and the crowd begins to clap, then cheer, then roar as it hits them. "AND MICHIGAN!"

Dean shouts, his voice suddenly turning to the shrieking, guttural growl that launched a thousand parodies. "AND SOUTH DAKOTA!"

The crowd is going wild and Dean is laughing right along, his eyes crinkled and his smile wide enough to show the crowns all the way in back. Finally, after nearly 30 seconds, the din begins to die and Dean ends his mock rant with a limp "yahoo," delivered deadpan, as if to say, "OK, is this better?"

Dean can laugh these days.

Not as hard as Karl Rove.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 28, 2005 8:02 AM

Dean is not a stupid man. His excitability projects an everyman quality which might sell. He is popular with the Hollywood Left which gives a lot of money, he is popular with gays because it was on his watch that Vermont passed civil unions, and he did reach out to the MoveOn weirdos.

I have little doubt that he is a quick study and will be a far more formidable opponent than the drunken criminal Clinton toady, McAuliffe.

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