November 30, 2004


Reed to certify Rossi as winner of governor's race: Democrats struggle to find money for a costly hand recount (CHRIS MCGANN, November 30, 2004, SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER)

Republican Dino Rossi becomes Washington's governor-elect when Secretary of State Sam Reed certifies the election this morning, and the Democrats have until Friday to demand a costly hand recount -- which right now they don't have the money for. [...]

Kirstin Brost, spokeswoman for the Democrats, said that at this point, they're not even close to having enough to pay for the statewide hand recount.

"We budgeted to end on November 3rd," Brost said. "We now have a week in which to raise $700,000.

"We think a statewide recount is the best way to ensure every vote is counted," Brost said. "But at the same time, this could cost more than $1 million before it's over."

Posted by Orrin Judd at November 30, 2004 3:58 PM

Soros will pony it up for the Dems.

Posted by: AWW at November 30, 2004 4:22 PM

Probably not after the losses he took on Nov. 2.

But Corzine might, or even Hillary. Any Democrat who wants to get some national prestige should consider it.

Posted by: jim hamlen at November 30, 2004 4:31 PM

What about Kerry, out of that $15 million he had left over?

Posted by: jd watson at November 30, 2004 4:44 PM

Then again the Senate Dems may not want to foot the bill for the recount. If Gregoire wins on the recount Rossi might challenge Cantwell for the Senate seat in '06 and add another GOP senator.

Posted by: AWW at November 30, 2004 4:48 PM

"But at the same time, this could cost more than $1 million before it's over."

And the Upper Left Washington will then have the best governor the Dem's money can buy. She'll quickly be known as "Governor of Seattle".

If Gregoire had any smarts, she'd concede, and to firmly establish her position as a "moderate", take on McDermott in the primaries in '006. Argue that it's time that Seattle got real representation in Congress instead of being a source of entertainment. Work with the Dem controlled legistature to make Rossi ineffective. Then she'd be in position to challenge Rossi in '008 as a reformer (cleaning out McDermott) and by saying that Rossi got his chance and blew it. But these past weeks she's just demonstrating why she lost in this state and Murray and Kerry didn't. (And that she might lose to McDermott says a lot about Seattle Dems, too.)

For a cynical curmudgeon like me, this whole thing is a win no matter what happens.

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at November 30, 2004 5:09 PM

They don't even need a million. Raoul can vouch for this but I believe they can cherry pick by requesting only a recount for King county (really, Seattle). Once they net 43 votes (which will require ingenuity, since King county sort of already did a manual recount replete with new ballots, enhanced ballots, the works), they would have reversed the election. At this point the state foots the bill for a statewide recount! What a deal, if you can get it.

Posted by: Moe from NC at November 30, 2004 6:59 PM

Anyone who requests this type of recount has to post a bond to pay for it in the event it confirms the original result. The Dem line is that they are broke, but are trying to raise the money by the Friday deadline. So while they want to do the full state, they will be forced to only request as much of a recount as they can afford. It's more important to find those missed 43 Gregoire votes so that a full recount is triggered to "count every vote."

Part of the problem, from what I can tell, is that the Dems are stuck between the hard McDermottite Left who want to win at any cost, and the rest of the party who want to be able to govern after a win and want to win in the next election instead of suffering in the backlash. If the latter win, I expect they'll find some excuse to let the Friday deadline lapse, with Gregoire never conceeding so as to mollify the Lefties who will then proceed to work themselves into a frezny about the "stolen" election over the next four years.

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at November 30, 2004 8:04 PM

This morning an email started to circulate nationwide asking for the funds to put up the recount bond, sent under Gregroire's name. So I guess she and her handlers have decided to win at any cost is the only viable option.

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at December 1, 2004 11:36 AM
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