September 30, 2004


Plan Would Let U.S. Deport Suspects to Nations That Might Torture Them (Dana Priest and Charles Babington, September 30, 2004, Washington Post)

The Bush administration is supporting a provision in the House leadership's intelligence reform bill that would allow U.S. authorities to deport certain foreigners to countries where they are likely to be tortured or abused, an action prohibited by the international laws against torture the United States signed 20 years ago.

The provision, part of the massive bill introduced Friday by House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), would apply to non-U.S. citizens who are suspected of having links to terrorist organizations but have not been tried on or convicted of any charges. Democrats tried to strike the provision in a daylong House Judiciary Committee meeting, but it survived on a party-line vote.

The provision, human rights advocates said, contradicts pledges President Bush made after the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse scandal erupted this spring that the United States would stand behind the U.N. Convention Against Torture. Hastert spokesman John Feehery said the Justice Department "really wants and supports" the provision.

Let us indulge our natural cynicism for a moment and propose that the GOP's inclusion of this provision and willingness to kick up the controversy indicates exactly what we all suspected: Abu Ghraib was simply not a negative with the American public.

Posted by Orrin Judd at September 30, 2004 3:44 PM

How can the Left object to this alleged policy? They've spent the last few decades telling us we can't criticize what people in other cultures do. Well, Left, you made this argument, now eat it and smile.

Posted by: Tom at September 30, 2004 4:22 PM

This initiative is a twofer: Deters foreign terrorists from visiting for fear we will send them to their countries for treatment if captured (hint-worse than Ft. Leavenworth); puts the host country on the hook to loudly manifest their solidarity in the WOT by how they treat their wayward ones.

Posted by: luciferous at September 30, 2004 4:40 PM

That bill makes all the sense in the World. Send them back to their own invironment, and certain punishment if that would be the case. We just have to get tougher on those that would harm us and the sooner the better.

As for Abu Ghaib I can honestly say that in all my travels most folks I met were down on the photographer more than anyone.

Posted by: Tom Wall at September 30, 2004 4:55 PM

I sit here pondering the delicious possibility of deporting George Soros to Malaysia.

Posted by: MB at September 30, 2004 8:16 PM

Old George is pushing for a Kerry victory because he is selling the dollar short. If Kerry were to win, America loses its value as a safe haven for people trying to hide their money from the pusillanimous taxers of Bruxelles. The Euros would just repatriate their money, causing the dollar to drop like a brick and Soros cleans up.

Sending some of these Arabs to Afghanistan to be under the control of some Uzbek warlord would seem to me a good idea. Their punishment would be both cruel and unusual.

Posted by: Bart at October 1, 2004 6:38 AM