September 27, 2004


EU constitution a threat to freedom: Czech president (TurkishPress, September 27th, 2004)

Czech President Vaclav Klaus on Monday dubbed the embryonic EU constitution a potential threat to freedom which would not resolve the problems facing the 25-nation bloc.

"It is a radical text with wide-ranging consequences for freedom and for the well-being and future of the nation state", Klaus said as he wrapped up the first day of a two-day visit to Spain.

The Czech leader, a dyed-in-the-wool Eurosceptic, told a conference on "European problems and their non-solutions" that the EU constitution as drawn up by former French president Valery Giscard d'Estaing "does not resolve Europe's real problems."

He slammed the blueprint for dealing with what he called "narrow" issues, such as how many EU commissioners each member country should have or what voting weight each country should be afforded.

Casting doubt on the wisdom of foisting a single monetary policy on the union, Klaus told his hosts: "I am not sure that economic and monetary union can exist long term."

Klaus, who earlier lunched with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at the royal Pardo Palace, earlier told El Pais daily that despite EU efforts to unite the continent "a European identity does not exist."

Klaus told El Pais that Europe was merely a "geographical abstraction," and later warned that any idea borders could be done away with "could end up destroying Europe."

He insisted it was a fallacy to regard Europe as having ever had a "collective identity" and excoriated the idea that "big is beautiful."

He told El Pais that in his view "European countries should be good partners but their differences should not be sacrificed on the altar of a united Europe, something which has never existed and which, I hope, will never exist."

They must just love him in Paris and Berlin.

Posted by Peter Burnet at September 27, 2004 6:12 PM

Well, add another country to the Franco-Prussian shit list......
We here in America welcome you!!! lol

Posted by: Bill from NYC at September 27, 2004 6:29 PM

Considering the history of Prague's relationship with both Berlin and Paris, I'm not surprised by Mr. Klaus' reactions.

Posted by: Mikey at September 28, 2004 12:32 PM