September 25, 2004


Keyes' unpolished candor will be his undoing (THOMAS ROESER, September 25, 2004, Chicago Sun-Times)

See here, Alan Keyes. You're breaking the rules of correct political discourse. You are giving the people what they say they want but don't.

While they complain about candidates pandering to special-interest groups, 217 years of this republic have shown that down deep people want candidates who strive to be all things to all men. People say they want office-seekers who are candid, frank, straightforward, genuine, who tell the truth even when it hurts. Who are on the up-and-up, guileless, unartful, undesigning, unequivocal. But nobody has won running on that platform, including Lincoln, FDR and Reagan, and you will be no exception.

Voters elect only candidates who are deceptive, duplicitous, bluffers, cunning, crafty and Machiavellian. That's because voters want politicians like themselves. The media agree. So why are you out of step?

Thus, you've botched your campaign. You're going to lose by a landslide. I accuse you of being politically pure, clean, pristine, impeccable and untarnished. Your very presence embarrasses the system because you don't play by the historic rules. Now I will cite certain statements you have made that are outside the boundaries of the political game -- statements that are filled with veracity, validity and are sober and unvarnished. No candidate would be caught dead being associated with these characteristics.

If you're going to lose in a blowout anyway, why not go with style? How many political candidates run campaigns that burnish their images?

Posted by Orrin Judd at September 25, 2004 12:29 PM
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