September 12, 2004


How Texas' key House races are shaping up (Jack Douglas Jr., Dallas Ft. Worth Star-Telegram)

After a bitter political fight, costing millions of tax dollars and sending some Texas lawmakers scurrying to other states, the congressional redistricting battle boils down to this:

Five Democrats. Five Republicans.

There are Libertarian candidates in each of the congressional races, but their political purses are small and their chances of winning slim.

Among the U.S. House candidates from the two major parties, seven are incumbents, and three are big-money contenders with powerful GOP backing.

For each of them, victory or defeat will determine whether the Republicans' big gamble paid off. [...]

In the new 32nd Congressional District, Republicans received 65.9 percent of the votes in the 2002 election, while Democrats won only 34.1 percent. [...]

In the new 17th District, Republicans received 64 percent of the votes in the 2002 elections, compared with only 36 percent for the Democrats. [...]

In the new 19th Congressional District, Republicans received 69 percent of the votes to the Democrats' 31 percent in the 2002 elections. [...]

[T]he 2nd Congressional District...has a Republican base vote approaching 60 percent. [...]

Republicans far outnumber Democrats in the new 1st District, with GOP candidates winning 63 percent of the vote, compared with the Democrats' 37 percent, in the 2002 elections.

With a Texan at the top of the ticket how do Democrats win any of those seats?

Posted by Orrin Judd at September 12, 2004 6:20 PM

The 19th is the only one where the Democrats have a shot, since "Blue Dog" Democrat leader Charlie Stenholm has been entrenched in his district for so long and his opponent, Randy Neugerbauer, was only elected to office last year (basically it's a power struggle between Nuegebauer's Lubbock and Stenholm's Abilene, with Charlie's position as senior minority member of the House Agriculture committee being his main selling point to the people who'll be voting Republican in every other race).

Posted by: John at September 13, 2004 2:55 AM
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