August 16, 2004


Mass. GOP Eyes Kerry Seat... Just in Case (AP, August 16, 2004)

Among the names mentioned are: Gov. Mitt Romney and Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey; White House chief of staff Andy Card, a former state lawmaker; former U.S. Attorney Wayne Budd; former Suffolk County District Attorney Ralph Martin; Bush fund-raiser Chris Egan, and GOP activist and attorney Gloria Larson.

Reports that former Gov. William Weld, who nearly unseated Kerry in 1996, is house-hunting in the state has fueled speculation that he's interested in running again. Weld, who lives in New York City, did not return calls for comment.

This article is mostly foolish. The seat will come open when the Senator resigns--which he has to do to show he's serious about running for president. Not to is a slap in the face of the voters.

Meanwhile, Mr. Romney has his eye on the presidency, not a career in the Senate. But former governor Paul Cellucci has already announced he's leaving his ambassadorship and he'd certainly take a run at this job.

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 16, 2004 11:05 PM

Forget about Kerry resigning. Each month's pay as a senator is worth $12,500, and Kerry is too much of a skinflint to give it up. Also, the press is putting no pressure whatever on him to resign, unlike with Dole in 96. He will keep the seat as a fallback, and not resign

Posted by: John Cunningham at August 17, 2004 12:11 AM

> Not to is a slap in the face of the voters

Speaking as a Massachusetts voter, I've been slapped in the face by the junior Senator before, and I expect to be slapped in the face by the junior Senator again.

Posted by: Bob Hawkins at August 17, 2004 8:24 AM

"Thank you, sir, may I have another!"

Sorry Mitt. You may want to run for Pres, but you can't escape the fact that it was the people of Mass., the state that's given us too many Kennedys, along with Kerry, Dukakis, Tsongas, Frank, Studds, and a host of others, (including the Red Sox) is the one that elected you Gov. Deal with it.

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at August 17, 2004 10:44 AM

I'd like to see Weld return and run for something.

Posted by: Genecis at August 17, 2004 11:26 AM

OJ: Give up. Kerry is not resigning from the Senate. He will need the gig after he loses and the Condiment Lady dumps him.

P.S. The only Weld I want is Tuesday.

Posted by: Robert Schwartz at August 17, 2004 12:16 PM