June 19, 2004


Chris Heinz on the stump in city for stepdad (Jack Kelly, June 17, 2004, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Chris Heinz yesterday campaigned in Pittsburgh for his stepfather, Sen. John F. Kerry, meeting supporters at a personal level and talking about personal matters. [...]

At the intimate "house party," one of nine he attended in Western Pennsylvania yesterday and Tuesday, Heinz said his stepfather had a "slim to small" lead over President Bush in national polls, one he predicted would expand once Kerry started talking more about issues.

The primary purpose of the parties is to enlist campaign volunteers for the fall. More than 500 are active in the "Western Pennsylvania for Kerry" organization, Pearson said. The Bush campaign claims 6,259 volunteers in Western Pennsylvania and 33,807 statewide.

Kerry is likely to name a running mate within two weeks, Heinz said, offering no inside information. "I was very pro-[North Carolina Sen. John] Edwards in the spring," he said. "But now I think we may need someone with stronger credentials on foreign policy."

By which he presumably means "any".

Posted by Orrin Judd at June 19, 2004 8:24 AM
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