June 25, 2004


For what purpose are the innocents slain? The Daily Star (Beirut), June 25, 2004

Thursday was a very bloody day in Iraq, and for what? At least 75 more people have been killed. Among this number are less than a dozen military personnel - Iraqi national guardsmen and American soldiers. The majority were innocent Iraqis.

Similarly, the killing of individual, innocent South Korean and American civilians, whether by grisly beheadings or by shooting, in Iraq or elsewhere, serves little purpose other than to turn the world away in horror. What does the slaying of Nicholas Berg, Paul Johnson and Kim Sun-il add to the equation other than more gruesome death? How does their death advance the cause of the Arab and Muslim worlds? What do the Iraqi people and the Palestinian people gain from this bloodshed?

"Senseless" is an understatement. We are witnessing the actions of psychopaths, or, rather, of "psycho-politicopaths." They are doing little but expressing their own machismo rage in a way designed to make a spectacle of their own aimless existence. They are attempting, and failing, to invent a cause for themselves and to pathetically but tragically convince the world they have found one.

They and their creed must be firmly rejected. But they do represent a lesson for the international community, and this lesson is nowhere more pertinent than in the Middle East. The region's leaders and governments in particular should heed this lesson: Callous serial killers such as those who are currently shocking the world can only thrive in an environment where justice does not prevail. These beasts that pass themselves as human beings are an expression of disease, the product of injustice.

That disease and that injustice are homegrown - they are not inflicted by outside adversaries, real or imagined. Those who hold the reins of power in this region should hold up a mirror, and they should not like what they see.

Posted by Peter Burnet at June 25, 2004 9:32 AM

They and their creed must be firmly rejected. But...

Where would the Arab world be without that ubiquitous "but"?

Posted by: Barry Meislin at June 25, 2004 10:56 AM

>Those who hold the reins of power in this region
>should hold up a mirror, and they should not
>like what they see.

But it's a lot easier to BLAME THE JOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!

Posted by: Ken at June 25, 2004 12:34 PM
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