June 15, 2004


Republican Urges Kerry to Quit the Senate (AP, Jun 15, 2004)

A top Massachusetts Republican on Tuesday called on Democrat John Kerry to resign from the Senate while he seeks the presidency, a vacancy that would allow the GOP to fill the seat.

Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey argued that Kerry, the state's four-term senator, has missed too many roll call votes and has done a poor job of representing his constituents. Of the 112 Senate votes this year, Kerry has voted just 14 times, according to an Associated Press tally.

"It's not fair, it's not right and the public is not being well-served," said Healey, who said she was speaking on behalf of Republican Gov. Mitt Romney. "I'm calling on John Kerry to resign so that we can fill that office with someone who is 100 percent devoted to the job of representing the people of Massachusetts."

A spokesman for the Kerry campaign did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

I had June 6th in the pool, but it's never too late.

Posted by Orrin Judd at June 15, 2004 5:08 PM

I had June 6 too. I think Reagan's death monkey-wrenched any of Kerry's plans to glom onto D-Day remembrances. Bastille Day is still coming up, however.

Posted by: Governor Breck at June 15, 2004 7:09 PM

And don't forget that he needs to find the proper time to unleash the engineered controversy over being refused Communion. I think a few days before the GOP convention works.

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at June 15, 2004 7:15 PM

Kerry's missed votes are not an issue to the average voter. I doubt it will affect the election.

His resignation from the Senate is simply a GOP wet dream. He's not that stupid.

Put me down for "never" in the pool.

Posted by: Chris Durnell at June 15, 2004 8:21 PM


Missed congressional votes is a bogus issue which frequently gains traction with the electorate anyway.

Posted by: oj at June 15, 2004 9:02 PM

Calls like this for him to resign will make it look like he is being pressured if he ever does resign. My opinion is that he won't resign because a) the media will let him get away with it and b) he is the type to not let go of the safety of the Senate seat if his presidential bid fails. That said the GOP, particularly in MA, should keep spouting off on this.

Posted by: AWW at June 15, 2004 9:37 PM

It would be one thing if he missed, say, half the votes. But apparently he is there only 10% of the time. That is inexcusable - Strom Thurmond did better than that his last year in office. Even a friendly press won't give Kerry a pass on those figures. I don't believe he will quit, but he is going to have to address the issue over and over again.

Posted by: jim hamlen at June 16, 2004 8:22 AM

The guy has even missed votes when he was in DC........
Tear yourself away for ten min and help a brother out and place a vote for gods sake!!!

Posted by: Bill from NYC at June 16, 2004 10:21 AM

Mitch McConnell was originally elected by running ads against Wendell Ford that showed hounds sniffing all over KY, looking for the Senator who missed votes. Perhaps the GOP can do the same to Kerry. They could even use poodles.

Posted by: jim hamlen at June 16, 2004 9:48 PM

My bet is that Kerry doesn't resign at all. The press will give him a total free ride on it, and he is too cheap to give up the $12,500/month paychecks. Plus he must realize deep down that he has ZERO chance of winning the presidential election, and he wants the ongoing checks.

Posted by: John Cunningham at June 17, 2004 2:38 AM

My bet is that he doesn't resign either...

But if he were to resign, there aren't that many MA Republicans who could hold onto the seat in 2006, and most of those who could aren't particularly conservative.

Ralph Martin, the former Suffolk County DA, is a moderate who would prove formidable in an election against a Democrat. Like the last Republican to hold the seat, he is also an African-American. Peter Blute would have been OK if it weren't for the Massport debacle. Gloria Larson is a possibility, but I think her moment has probably passed. I think Bill Weld is a resident of NY now, and his moment has passed. Ditto Joe Malone, and it's too soon for Jane Swift to make a comeback.

There is that chain-gang Sheriff Thomas Hodgson (I think that's his name). There's also the remote possibility they could talk Paul Cellucci into resigning as ambassador to Canada or Michael Sullivan into resigning as U.S. attorney to accept appointment to the seat.

Posted by: W. James Antle III at June 17, 2004 10:58 AM