December 28, 2003


For Your Information . . . (TOM ZELLER, December 28, 2003, NY Times Magazine)

Of the many cultural by-products borne of the Internet, perhaps the most ubiquitous (after spam) is the forwarded e-mail. Quirky Web sites, tiresome chain mail, odd photos - all of these seem to fulfill the near reflexive need among late-night Web surfers and idle office desk jockeys to say, with a click or two, "get a load of this." keeps track of these urges when they are inspired by the newspaper's online offerings. As with many news sites, each story offers users the option to "E-mail This Article," and the top 25 most e-mailed articles are tracked and listed on the site every day. [...]

In the slide shows at right is a look at some of the top 100 most e-mailed stories of 2003 from The New York Times on the Web.

Kind of interesting--unfortunately, the frequency with which he's forwarded explains why they let Krugman keep it up.

Posted by Orrin Judd at December 28, 2003 6:01 AM

What's so unfortunate about it? The more the Times gets behind fringe thinkers like Krugman the more they marginalize themselves. They are becoming more like The Guardian that any paper of record.

Posted by: Michael Gersh at December 28, 2003 5:02 PM