September 14, 2003


Swedes reject euro in national referendum (MATT MOORE, September 14, 2003, Associated Press)

Swedes rejected adopting the euro by a wide margin, dashing government hopes the nation would take up the common currency in a Sunday referendum overshadowed by the killing of Foreign Minister Anna Lindh.

With 97 percent of the Scandinavian country's 5,967 precincts counted, 56.3 percent of the more than 5.4 million ballots cast were against replacing the krona with the euro, while 41.7 percent voted in favor of it. Two percent cast undecided ballots.

If there was a sympathy "Yes" vote then this is really ugly.

Posted by Orrin Judd at September 14, 2003 4:34 PM

I see that you're applauding this vote although I believe eventually they'll adopt the Euro.

I'm actually like the fact that they have a choice. I wish I had a vote on NAFTA or who we're invading next. Would be a nice change of pace.

Posted by: Philip Shropshire at September 14, 2003 5:23 PM

Several accounts of this vote emphasized how all main political parties, all main unions and all main business groups supported the yes side. Yet corporatist, consensus-loving, statist, internationalist Sweden voted no resoundingly. This has to shake Brussels.

I never know what to make of the Nordics. Committed leftists for decades, they still manage to maintain decent, if dull and slightly neurotic, societies, and they all seem to have a good dose of common sense,at least on their home fronts. For doctrinaire socialists, they sure are pikers when it comes to killing, chaos and oppression. Paul Johnson frequently includes them with the Anglospheric countries when talking of the West's success stories.

Posted by: Peter B at September 14, 2003 5:44 PM


Being 100% white and Lutheran gives a society a certain cohesion that can overcome much else.

Posted by: oj at September 14, 2003 6:14 PM


Man, when's the last time your side won on a political issue, when Saigon fell?

Posted by: oj at September 14, 2003 6:32 PM

I say this is the beginning of the end for the Euro and the EU.

The EU has turned into a massive scam by which the French fleece their neighbors. It reached its apogee with the Euro. But the Germans cannot keep to the debt targets and revive their flagging economy and the French won't.

Next up the UK rejects the Euro and numerous electorates reject the draft "constitution.

Posted by: Robert Schwartz at September 14, 2003 7:13 PM


True, but as they all now have sizeable immigrant poulations and as church adherence is down to about 10%, it will be interesting to see whether they are just spending social capital or whether they can keep it up for another generation or two. We fellow neurotic northerners are very interested in that question.

Posted by: Peter B at September 14, 2003 7:54 PM


I disagree. I believe that the Euro will stay the common currency, albeit an inflationary one.

I personally would like to see Sweden adopt the US dollar, just for the amusing choking sounds that would emanate from Europe.

Posted by: Michael Herdegen at September 14, 2003 8:34 PM

OJ: Well, I thought the women's liberation movement, the environmental movement and the civil rights movements were all "wins" for the American Left. Do those count? True, there are attempts to turn all of these tides back but a lot of the guys lost, convincingly, remember?

Posted by: Philip Shropshire at September 14, 2003 8:35 PM


We're warming the planet so fast there won't be polar ice soon, women are doing half our work for us, dyying earlier, and aborting female fetuses so they'll be disempowered soon, and we trucked in so many Latinos that even the Democrats don't listen to blacks anymore. Let the losses keep coming...

Posted by: oj at September 14, 2003 9:10 PM


You get a chance to vote every 2 years. Too bad more people don't agree with you. Will you be more persuasive next November?

Posted by: jim hamlen at September 14, 2003 10:49 PM


Aren't those right wing victories?


I want direct democracy, that's a vote on war, the budget, taxes, everything of import. A vote every month if that's what it takes. And I'm willing to go to Mars to get it.

Posted by: Philip Shropshire at September 15, 2003 8:14 AM


If we had direct democracy we'd probably
have nuked Saudi by know and Afghanistan and
Iraq would have been gone the day after 9/11.

Posted by: J.H. at September 15, 2003 9:09 AM

Limit the franchise to those who speak English
(verifiable) have been in the country at
least 20 years, own property, pay taxes and
have never been convicted of a serious violent
felony and we might get down to business on
the direct democracy thing.

Posted by: J.H. at September 15, 2003 9:11 AM

I just can't imagine why the Swedes would decline to join the Euro.

If you know anything about the import business, you know it's been a very bad summer for European exporters.

I'm sure Phil is very saddened at today's setback for direct democracy. Maybe the USSC will step in and make it all better.

Posted by: Brian (MN) at September 15, 2003 3:43 PM