April 30, 2003


Abu Mazen Funded Munich Massacre (Arutz Sheva, 4/30/2003)
Abu Mazen is ... connected with one of the 20th century's most infamous terrorist crimes: the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes - including American citizen David Berger - at the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany in 1972.

Mahmoud Abbas, known as Abu Mazen, long the treasurer of the PLO, was the man who provided financing for that attack, according to information compiled by Israeli attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, director of the Shurat Hadin Israel Law Center.

Darshan-Leitner told Arutz-7 that PA sources themselves told her that it is ridiculous to claim that Abu Mazen was never involved in terrorism. In addition, Abu Daoud, who masterminded the Munich attack, has said that Abu Mazen provided the funds to carry it out. He made these charges in his autobiography, "Palestine: From Jerusalem to Munich" (published in French in 1999) and again in an interview last August in Sports Illustrated magazine.

Public diplomacy in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the last two years has been nothing but charade -- today's "roadmap" included. All the main parties believe that their advantage lies in delaying tactics. The U.S. thinks there is little chance to end Palestinian terrorism until the terror-sponsoring regimes in Iraq, Iran, and Syria have been changed, and Israel is going along. Arafat doesn't want to risk his power by too aggressive attacks on Israel, nor look powerless to the Palestinian people by ending attacks.

Mahmoud Abbas's appointment as figurehead is not meant to actually change the Palestinian Authority, but only to give the illusion of progress. Despite the public pretense of conflict between Arafat and Abbas, Abbas is surely as much Arafat's henchman as ever.

Real progress toward peace, I suspect, will come only after the 2004 election. And it will begin with the destruction of the Palestinian terrorist leadership -- Arafat, and Abbas as well if he does not reform.

Posted by Paul Jaminet at April 30, 2003 1:51 PM
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