April 30, 2003


Iraqis to form government within four weeks (James Drummond, April 28 2003, Financial Times)
The US-led administration in Iraq?on Monday?ended a meeting held to discuss the country's future, setting out guiding principles and agreeing to meet within three to four weeks to form an interim government.

The gathering, of about 200 delegates in the Baghdad conference centre attracted fewer, and less powerful, Iraqis than had been expected. While Saddam Hussein supporters celebrated the former dictator's 66th birthday, Shia groups sent only low-level delegates. Ahmed Chalabi, leader of the opposition Iraqi National Congress did not attend, sending a junior delegation. The religious establishment based in the southern city of Najaf, which claims to speak on behalf of Iraq's majority Shia community, sent no representatives.

The agreed principles stressed general issues such as democracy and the rule of law, but did not contain details of how the country would be governed. However, delegates welcomed the chance to express themselves in a way they could not under Mr Hussein. Splits emerged between returned Iraqi exiles and those who had lived through the Saddam years.

Here we see that despite the hawks' delusion that we'd stay and govern Iraq ourselves for a period of years, we'll instead, as was always inevitable, cede control just as quickly as we can, even though we don't know what the new state that emerges will look like. Call this, The Other Road Map. Posted by Orrin Judd at April 30, 2003 12:22 PM
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