April 15, 2003


Antiwar Groups Shifting Their Focus to Bush: Voter Registration, Search for Congressional Candidates Among Strategies Considered (Evelyn Nieves, April 14, 2003, Washington Post)
The antiwar rally here Saturday began much the same way as a half-dozen others before it, with thousands of placard-carrying protesters marching through the streets. But this one was also noticeably different.

Among the crowd of a few thousand, there were clear signs that war protesters are embarking on a new phase. Many more of the protesters' placards took aim directly at President Bush: "Bush Must Go!" "Impeach Bush!" Voter registration tables urging protesters to "Vote for change!" also dotted the city park that served as the rallying point.

Although this demonstration, like the others across the country Saturday, was set before Baghdad crumbled, antiwar organizers said they were already preparing to shift their attention beyond protesting the war to a more ambitious agenda. In broad terms, according to leaders of some of the largest national peace groups, the antiwar movement is reshaping itself to become an anti-Bush movement.

Just how the antiwar movement plans on challenging the president depends on which group you ask. Some are focusing on registering voters to challenge Bush in 2004. Others say their emphasis will be on finding congressional candidates to run against those who have supported or acquiesced to the Bush administration. Still others say they will emphasize creating permanent community-based groups that will fight the administration's policies. Some also say that while they plot their next big moves, they will continue to hold teach-ins, protests and other forums to criticize the current military policies and practices in Washington and fortify their ranks.

Were one sufficiently cynical, one might suspect that Karl Rove is helping to fund these nitwits. What more could George W. Bush ask than to be opposed by their likes and have his Democrat opponents dancing to their tune. Posted by Orrin Judd at April 15, 2003 2:01 PM

What do they mean, "reshaping"?

Posted by: scott h. at April 15, 2003 6:14 PM

Hasn't this what it has always been about. They never gave a damn for the Iraqi people or anti-terrorism. Defeating Bush has been their agenda. He threatens their pathetic nihilistic agenda.

Posted by: genecis at April 15, 2003 9:26 PM

Of course, the funniest thing is, just as with Reagan, they can't get their own story lines straight on Bush:

He evil!
He's an idiot!

Kind of like that old "Certs is a candy mint/Certs is a breath mint" kind of thing. But in this case, you can only pick one, not both.

The left did the same thing 20 years ago -- Reagan was too dumb to know anything, but he was going to blow up the world. The contradiction inherent in putting both views together served to cancel out the critcisms among all but the most rabid Reagan-haters when the 1984 election came around and left the left with having to spout "He's old," as their best attempt at effective critcism during the campaign. Since Bush is the same age, or younger than some of his more fanatical boomer-age foes, they can't even use this tactic come next fall.

Posted by: John at April 15, 2003 10:36 PM
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