April 27, 2003


Leading Iraqi Scientist Says He Lied to U.N. Inspectors (JUDITH MILLER, 4/27/03, NY Times)
Nissar Hindawi, a leading figure in Iraq's biological warfare program in the 1980's, says the stories and explanations he and other scientists told the United Nations about the extent of Iraq's efforts to produce poisons and germ weapons "were all lies."

Dr. Hindawi, imprisoned during the final weeks of Saddam Hussein's rule, is now free to talk about his experiences in the program, in which he says he was forced to work from 1986 to 1989 and again sporadically until the mid-1990's. [...]

Dr. Hindawi, 61, is now in the protective custody of the Iraqi opposition leader Ahmad Chalabi. [...]

Some inspectors remain skeptical about whether Dr. Hindawi was really an unwilling participant in the program.

He returned to the program in a different capacity in 1992, when international inspectors from the United Nations Special Commission, or Unscom, were arriving to ensure that Iraqi officials were complying with their country's pledge to give up chemical, germ and nuclear weapons. He said military officials had asked him to tell inspectors that he was the head of a single-cell protein facility. The plant, in fact, had made botulinum toxin and anthrax.

He said he had had no choice but to lie, just as he had no choice but to work in the program. "It was that or else," he said.

What a couple weeks for the Left: first, Iraqis turn out not to want Saddam Hussein running their lives; then, Castro turns out to be a brutal dictator; then China covers up a global health crisis; now it turns out Saddam lied to the blessed UN.... What next: Gorbachev acknowledges he was trying to save, not shed, communism?; Arthur Schlessinger acknowledges the New Deal was a failure?; a posthumous book by Stephen Jay Gould admitting his profession was all part of an elaborate hoax?; Bill Clinton reveals he may have inhaled after all? How much, dear Lord, can one group of people be expected to take without breaking? Posted by Orrin Judd at April 27, 2003 1:15 PM
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