April 12, 2003


The end of embedding? (Digital Spy, 4/11/2003)
CNN has moved all embedded journalists in Baghdad over to independent status, and is apparently sending in reinforcements. Nic Robertson, who was kicked out of the capital by the Iraqi authorities during the opening stages of the war, has returned to the city. The network seems very much to be marketing itself as an independent news outlet - also announcing today that it will not allow its news broadcasts to appear on the coalition "Towards Freedom" channel in Iraq.

A certain news network willingly abandoned objective reporting (BroJudd blog post will be here soon) in order to gain access to government news sources in Baghdad. It's a sign of CNN's high journalistic ideals that they're now giving up access to U.S. military sources in Baghdad in order to preserve their reputation for accurate, unbiased reporting.
Posted by Paul Jaminet at April 12, 2003 8:45 AM
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