April 9, 2003


Hisses for Rosie's war tirade (RICHARD JOHNSON, April 9, 2003, NY Post: Page Six)
ROSIE O'Donnell was booed by like-minded liberals when she started criticizing President Bush at a fund-raising dinner for GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

O'Donnell took the stage Monday at the Marriott Marquis to accept the Vito Russo Award. Regarding Michael Moore's widely criticized anti-Bush Oscar rant, she said, "If [Moore] wants to use the Oscar stage to express his views against a war that doesn't make sense, he should be supported and applauded."

O'Donnell then ripped into Bush and grumbled that the war was "killing Iraqi women and children."

"Rosie received some polite cheering, but there were audible boos from the crowd," our spywitness reports.

Let's assume that Saddam didn't allow GLAAD to have an Iraqi chapter. Posted by Orrin Judd at April 9, 2003 7:16 PM
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