March 7, 2003

Anne Phelan sent some especially useful links to writings on Just War by some of the Church's more conservative voices:

-Catholic Just

-Reflections in a Time of War (The Oak Tree)


-ESSAY: Moral Clarity in a Time of War (George Weigel, December 2002, First Things)

-ESSAY: Getting "just-war" straight & Pre-emption, Just War and the Defense of World Order (George Weigel, Zenit)

-ESSAY: Just War and Pre-emption: Three Questions (George Weigel, The Catholic Difference)

-ESSAY: Reality of terrorism calls for fresh look at just-war tradition (George Weigel, The Catholic Difference)


-ESSAY: “Asymmetrical Warfare” & Just War: A moral obligation (Michael Novak, February 10, 2003, , National Review)

-ESSAY: Civilian Casualties & Turmoil: Lay responsibility re: Iraq (Michael Novak, February 18, 2003, National Review)

-ESSAY: War to Topple Saddam Is a Moral Obligation (Michael Novak, February 12, 2003, The Times of London)

-ESSAY: The Pious & the War: Iraq and justice (James V. Schall, S. J., February 13, 2003, National Review) Posted by Orrin Judd at March 7, 2003 8:51 AM
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