February 10, 2003


Senate Continues Debate on Estrada Nomination (Liza Porteus, February 10, 2003, FOX News)
The Senate is expected to vote on the controversial judicial nomination of Miguel Estrada on Monday, but a Democratic filibuster may hold the entire process up. [...]

Democrats say that even if they don't get the votes, they will attempt to filibuster anyway, on the theory that an uncontested loss "would be worse than no contest," sources told Fox News.

Republicans say they are prepared to debate Estrada's nomination "as long as it takes, for days, weeks, if necessary," one source told Fox News.

"This is going to be an unprecedented fight over a nominee," the source said.

If the Democrats really think it's good for them to filibuster a Hispanic nominee and lose than to just stop digging their own graves, maybe we are witnessing a true crisis in the Party. They're powerless; they seem to be leaderless; and now they're going for the trifecta: clueless. Posted by Orrin Judd at February 10, 2003 7:20 PM

The Democratic party demonstrates its ability to block Republican nominees while in the past Republics rolled over on every fringe leftie Clinton sent up. If you believe the Democrats are aimless wait for the first supreme court nominee Bush appoints. Will the Republicans fight as strongly as the Left?

Posted by: Thomas J. Jackson at February 10, 2003 11:58 PM

Perhaps they demonstrated such ability in the past but they've shown no ability of doing so now. The closest they've come was forcing a strict party line vote to get Estrada out of comittee and that's cost them politically.

Daschle has been erratic and unfocused, Teddy is off his meds, Sen. Byrd (D - KKK) is dreaming of the good old days of Jim Crow and Hillary is focused on usurping more power in anticipation of her 2008 run for president. There's iterally no one at the helm for the Dems in the senate and looking to the house it doesn't get much better as Nancy has been singularly uninspiring so far.

If this is the best the dems can do leadership-wise I'm not surprised they're as intent on destroying their standing with the Hispanics voters by filibustering Estrada's nomination. Party on Donks - y'all may yet make it to the darwin awards!

Posted by: Robert Modean at February 11, 2003 12:25 AM

This appears to be huge gift to the GOP from the Dems - openly opposing a well qualified hispanic judge who will, barring GOP meltdown, get on the bench anyway.

Let's hope the Kennedys/Schumers have their way and filibuster to the detriment of the party as moderates move to the GOP

Posted by: AWW at February 11, 2003 9:58 AM