February 18, 2003


New Republic gets makeover (Chicago Sun-Times, February 18, 2003)
Starting with the issue dated March 3, the venerable New Republic magazine gets a more contemporary look with bolder typeface and graphics.

The design makeover is the culmination of a year of changes at the 89-year-old magazine. In early 2002, New York financiers Roger Hertog and Michael Steinhardt invested in the magazine with editor in chief Martin Peretz. Among other things, the additional capital has allowed the magazine to launch, effective Friday, a new digital product--New Republic Digital, which will allow digital subscribers to access content on the magazine's Web site the Friday before it hits newsstands.

In conjunction with the dramatic makeover, the New Republic is taking what it terms more "daring" editorial stances, including support for a war in Iraq, rejection of George W. Bush's tax cut and a call for Democrats to shun presidential candidate Al Sharpton.

The New Republic has had more editorial gyrations over the last fifteen years or so (recall that Fred Barnes used to write for them, not the Weekly Standard) than Hillary Clinton has had hairstyles. Posted by Orrin Judd at February 18, 2003 2:22 PM
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