February 11, 2003


Graham Planning to File Papers to Run for President (Associated Press, 2/11/03)
Florida Democratic Sen. Bob Graham plans to file papers launching a presidential campaign in the next two or three weeks to begin raising money but will not make a formal decision on a White House bid until mid-April, associates said Tuesday.

Graham, now in his third term, had planned to join the crowded Democratic field this month, but he delayed his decision when he learned he needed heart surgery. Graham underwent successful surgery Jan. 31 and has been recovering at his daughter's Virginia home.

Associates of the former Florida governor said Graham would file papers with the Federal Election Commission in late February or early March that would allow him to begin fund-raising. The move also ensures that major contributors keep Graham in mind when they consider potential candidates. [...]

The other announced Democratic candidates include Sens. John Kerry of Massachusetts, Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut and John Edwards of North Carolina, as well as Vermont Gov. Howard Dean and the Rev. Al Sharpton. Missouri Rep. Richard A. Gephardt is expected to announced his plans by month's end.

Dennis Kucinich is supposedly about to get in, as are Chris Dodd and Carol Mosley Braun, with Wesley Clark at least considering. And Hillary is seriously looking at it, which means she's going to run. At this point it seems fair to ask Democrats why they aren't running: "Congressman/Governor/Senator why do these clowns think they could be President but you don't think you could?" Posted by Orrin Judd at February 11, 2003 6:23 PM
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