February 13, 2003


Dennis Miller Takes on a Whining Phil Donahue (Media Research, 2/13/03)
MSNBC viewers got a lively hour Wednesday night/late afternoon as Donahue came live from Los Angeles at 5pm PST/8pm EST with Dennis Miller as the guest for the hour. So much good stuff, but only so much time to transcribe it. But we got down some of the best parts.

Miller so flustered Donahue that he went on a rant about how people like Miller are trying to marginalize" liberals. Becoming a parody of himself, Donahue whined about how "you're making us to be some sort of wimpy kind of people who, woo, woo, we don't get it. We don't see evil. We think everything is a nice fairy tale. That is an attempt to marginalize us."

Donahue also claimed to be a conservative Republican: "We do not think one man should have the Army, Navy, and Marines to send the war all by himself and without the advice and consent of Congress as the Constitution calls us, upon us to do. That makes me conservative. I'm for the Constitution. I would make a good Republican."

When Donahue charged that dropping "incendiary devices on a crowded city at night where old people and children are sleeping" will give "Osama a poster for recruiting more angry young Islamic militants," an incredulous Miller fired back: "Oh, you believe he needs that, Phil? Do you really believe that he needs that?"

It got so ugly it was hard to watch. If you believed in conspiracy it wouldn't be hard to convince yourself that Mr. Donahue was a Republican and that he was acting as a double agent to make liberalism look ridiculous. Posted by Orrin Judd at February 13, 2003 4:25 PM

Glad I don't have TV.

But I see that the Dems are SUING to stop the war. Not only is that an admission that they have no policy, it is beneath contempt.

Societies sometimes have mass nervous breakdowns -- the difference between me and Orrin is that I think they are intermittent. A colleague and I were discussing this in terms of drinking water today.

A woo-woo was telling him he had to buy a filter to take out chlorine, "that's the worst thing you could possibly have."

My friend is a long-distance swimmer. He says he told the guy, "You got the wrong fellow. I spend a hour a day in the most chlorinated water you ever smelled."

Simultaneously, the water department is giving up the use of Calgon C9, put in to prevent leaching lead out of solder, and replacing it with phosphoric acid. This, all agree, will be "safer." I dunno. I have a bottle of the stuff in my workshop. Tradename Naval Jelly. I use it to clean rust off tools.

From Baghdad to Maui, I'd say everybody's nuts.

Posted by: Harry at February 13, 2003 6:46 PM

Miller occasionally goes off the deep end himself but much of the time he is dead on. I'll never forget a rant he did once during a standup defending Adm. James Stockdale during the famous "Who am I?" debate. He compared what Stockdale did during the Vietnam War and the horrific torture he underwent from the Viet Cong to Bill Clinton's overseas protesting of the war. At the time he was a liberal but my admiration for Miller was complete. He got it. Just like he gets it now and Phil Donahue will never be anything but Phil Donahue.

Posted by: Steve Martinovich at February 13, 2003 8:21 PM