February 16, 2003


Joerg Haider: "Saddam poses no threat to the world" (The Associated Press, Feb. 16, 2003)
Austrian far-rightist Joerg Haider sharply condemned Washington's policy toward Iraq and suggested that giving the United States some control over Iraq's oil reserves could result in a peaceful solution to the ongoing crisis.

In the latest issue of the weekly magazine Profil, the former leader of the rightist Freedom Party accused US President George W. Bush's administration of planning a war against Iraq in order to gain control of that country's oil.

"Oil is the main reason for the war," Haider said. He also suggested that any possession by Iraq of weapons of mass destruction would be justified due to the threat posed by the United States.

He said that he himself could play a key role in negotiating a peace settlement with Baghdad due to his "constant contact" with President Saddam Hussein and other Iraqi leaders.

"It could become necessary (for me) to contribute in one way or another," said Haider. "I can imagine negotiating concrete solutions and transferring information" during a future visit to Baghdad.

He said Iraq would be willing to grant greater control of its oil reserves to Washington, and that the United Nations could also play a role in organizing such a solution.

"One must give the Americans stronger control over Iraq's oil. That is the solution," said Haider, the controversial former leader of the anti-immigrant party. In the past, Haider has praised some of Adolf Hitler's policies and made veiled slights of Jews, drawing allegations of anti-Semitism.

Who can question a cause that unites Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy, Sean Penn (back together with Madonna at last), Communists, Nazis, China, the French, and the Germans? But I repeat myself... Posted by Orrin Judd at February 16, 2003 3:21 PM

"It could become necessary (for me) to contribute in one way or another," said Haider.

Hahahahahahahaha. Who would have thought that Austrians had any sense of humor ?

Now if I were a leftist loon uttering anti-Bush nonsense, I would feel a little unease about this new ally. But those demented fools would ally themselves with a three-headed firebreathing beast if need be.

Posted by: Peter at February 16, 2003 3:33 PM