February 20, 2003


Landry unapologetic for 'tiny brains' comment about poor (The Canadian Press, February 20, 2003)
An unflappable Premier Bernard Landry refused to apologize yesterday for saying poor people should manage to feed their children because even birds -- with their tiny brains -- can do it.

Mr. Landry admitted he made the comment during a private meeting with officials from poverty groups, women's groups and advocates for single-parent families last Friday.

However, he said the remarks were misinterpreted and he expressed shock that some people were offended.

"I am surprised, I am disappointed and I regret that comments aimed at comforting the least fortunate, were interpreted to the contrary," Mr. Landry told reporters. [...]

Last Friday, Mr. Landry told a private gathering of social activists he didn't understand why many Quebec schoolchildren go to class hungry.

"If birds, with the brains they have, feed their young in the morning, how is it that there are still people who don't feed their children," Mr. Landry was quoted as saying in a government transcript released yesterday.

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