February 25, 2003


Californians angry at Davis, wary of Bush (John Wildermuth, February 25, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle)
Californians' growing dismay over the state's shaky fiscal future and the possibility of war with Iraq have them angry at Gov. Gray Davis and increasingly wary of President Bush, a new poll showed today.

Only 33 percent of the state's residents are happy with the job Davis is doing as governor, down from 52 percent just three months ago, the survey by the Public Policy Institute of California showed. [...]

"If you thought the voters were cranky (before), now they're really in a sour mood," said Mark Baldassare, the poll's director. "These are numbers I haven't seen since 1994," when California was mired in a deep recession. [...]

"Last year, we were talking about how low Davis' approval ratings were when he was elected," Baldassare said. "Now, he's entered an entirely new territory.

"You begin to wonder how the governor can regain the public's trust when his numbers are as low as they are today, and people are directing their anger and frustration at him."

The poll is based on a telephone survey of 2,004 California adults interviewed between Feb. 6 and Feb. 17. The sampling error for a survey that size is
plus or minus two percentage points.

Poll numbers like that get you this. But, unfortunately, once Saddam falls the markets are going to soar and even deadwood like Gray Davis will rise somewhat with the tide. This couple years has though killed his chances of moving up to national politics...thankfully. Posted by Orrin Judd at February 25, 2003 3:22 PM

does everyone know about the grassroots campaign to rid of davis.

go to this site to check it out.


Posted by: neil at February 26, 2003 2:07 AM