February 19, 2003


Post-Gore Marty Re-Refurbishing The New Republic (Sridhar Pappu, 2/19/03, New Republic)
Here we go again: The New Republic's railing on the Democratic Party. This time, they've got a publicist calling up reporters, touting a hot new redesign and bragging that the magazine is getting "daring" and "more conservative."

This happens from time to time. The New Republic has a long tradition of within-the-party tree shaking, including stances against Jimmy Carter's foreign policy and to nuclear freezes. It supported the deployment of advance missiles to Germany; it opposed what owner Martin Peretz deemed the "racialization" of the party by men like Jesse Jackson. During that time, remembered former editor Michael Kinsley, The Wall Street Journal's editorial board accused the magazine of "attacking conservatives while stealing their ideas," and staffers joked that TNR should change its name to "Even the Liberal New Republic Says", because it was used so many times to support conservative positions.

Now, amid the George W. Bush era--and, it should be noted with Mr. Peretz's guy, Al Gore, out of the 2004 presidential race--TNR's going after its woebegone Democratic flesh and blood with renewed vigor.

"It's back to the future," said TNR editor Peter Beinart.

We're not sure how daring it is to be a predictable liberal rag except for when Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush usher in conservative epochs. Posted by Orrin Judd at February 19, 2003 3:05 PM
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