August 2, 2002


The DLC and Me : A look at the latest gathering of the
Democratic Leadership Council--from the inside.
(David Brooks, 08/01/2002, Weekly Standard)
Every year the Democratic Leadership Council has a big meeting, which, since they are Democrats, they call a "Conversation." They usually bring in a few pundits to give a more or less objective view of the state of politics. I did it last year for them at a meeting in Key Largo, where I told them that I thought the moderate DLC wing of the Democratic Party was waning; that unfortunately the Democrats were reverting to the orthodox liberalism of their Mondale-Dukakis roots.

I think that's true in spades these days. In fact, many elected Democrats and the entire liberal pundit class have flipped their lids, reverting to the sort of corporate-greed and evil-big-business rhetoric they haven't uttered since their college days in the Spartacus Youth League.

This is a pretty funny report from deep behind enemy lines. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 2, 2002 1:07 PM
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