August 8, 2002


Saudi leader accuses Bush advisers (Michael Theodoulou, Times of London)
The depiction by an American think-tank analyst of Saudi Arabia as a terrorist enemy of Washington provoked a furious backlash in the kingdom's press, despite the insistence of both Governments that their long alliance was sound.

Saudi newspapers yesterday hit out at the "growing Christian fundamentalism" in America, which they accuse of targeting Arabs and Muslims and blocking Middle East peace.

"Christian fundamentalism is no less dangerous to international peace and security than extremists in other religions," the daily al-Watan newspaper said. "Rather it is more dangerous especially if it controls the policy of the United States."

This is patently true. One need only look at post-Christian Europe's reaction to Islamic terror to see what our paltry response to 9-11 might have been were we still not so heavily influenced by Judeo-Christianity. There is probably no other non-Islamic nation that would have so readily accepted George W. Bush's characterization of the war on terror as a contest between good and evil. This is our country's great strength, but it also makes us an especially fearsome foe in wartime. The Sauds would do well to quiet down before Americans come to generally accept that Saudi Arabi is an enemy and part of the Axis of Evil. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 8, 2002 9:11 PM
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