August 16, 2002


The Right Flank : The Steak That Soaks Up Flavor (Russell Cronkhite, August 14, 2002, The Washington Post)
I defy you to find a better cut of beef for a quick weeknight marinade and a turn on the grill than flank steak. Many a night I've picked up a flank steak after work and had it sizzling on the grill by dinner time.

Flank steak has an extremely loose grain so it can readily absorb the flavors of a favorite marinade or spice rub in as little as two hours. Not only is flank incredibly marinade-friendly, but its near perfect thickness means it can be grilled quickly over high heat to ensure a well-seared, crispy exterior without sacrificing a tender, juicy interior. The timing is perfect in that the steak manages to pick up a slightly smoky aroma but there's no fuss with indirect grilling.

My only complaint about flank? It is so closely associated with grilling that it can be difficult to find during non-summer months. What a shame. Even when tossed under the broiler, flank is virtually failproof.

But just in case, here are a few flank insider tips...

The recipes and hints that Mr. Cronkhite provides are all well and good, but we used to just soak 'em in Catalina Dressing overnight and pop 'em on the grill. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 16, 2002 9:05 AM
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