August 15, 2002


Too clever by half (Michael Barone, 8/14/02. US News)
The Republicans have come up with a clever way to use the Social Security issue. Unfortunately for them, it is, as the British used to say, too clever by half. [...]

Despite the favorable polls, many Republicans are deathly afraid of being attacked on Social Security. They know that the Social Security issue has worked for the Democrats in the past. They are not confident that individual investment accounts will work for them now, and they are pretty sure that "privatization" will work against them. [...]

Some Republicans respond to the issue by making the positive case for individual investment accounts. Others swear they are against "privatization." And now a few, cleverly, are trying to turn the Democrats' words against them...

As Mr. Barone ably points out, the GOP, by referring to Democrats' plan to invest the Social Security Trust Funds in the stock market as "privatization", may be deflecting criuticism of their own privatization plans in the short term, but is damaging the cause of privatization in the long term.
Posted by Orrin Judd at August 15, 2002 9:41 AM
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