August 25, 2002


Odds pile up against Republican defeat of Californian governor (Christopher Parkes, August 24 2002, Financial Times)
Although the campaigning season usually begins after Labor Day, Bill Simon, the cash-strapped, Republican neophyte, has been under the gun since the spring primary, in which he beat Richard Riordan, the moderate former mayor of Los Angeles and the president's personal choice.

Mr Simon did not so much beat Mr Riordan: rather he was hand-selected by the wily Mr Davis, who saw the self-proclaimed "proud conservative, pro-life" businessman as a far more delectable dish.

After a primary campaign dedicated entirely to bashing Mr Riordan, Mr Davis quickly turned his arsenal on the hapless Mr Simon, who helpfully shot himself in the foot - repeatedly.

Working with his fourth campaign manager, last week he saw his support crew depleted by a dozen because he could not afford to pay them. Now his proudest claim - to be the experienced, successful businessman California needs - has been turned against him.

Having always found silly the idea that a Republican could win this race, I think this article tries overhard to place blame and find novel reasons for the inevitable. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 25, 2002 4:24 PM
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