August 27, 2002


Check out the differing opinions John Hockenberry got from a Saudi official and from a family member in this piece : A Saudi apology for Sept. 11 (John Hockenberry, 8/25/02, MSNBC)
Prince Khalid Al-Faisal is governor of Asir Province. A third of the Saudi hijackers grew up here.

John Hockenberry: “Is there some aspect of Saudi life that would encourage well-to-do, educated, young men, to do these kinds of things? Bin Laden is one.”

Prince Khaled Al-Faisal: "The only problem is the Palestinian problems."

As opposed to this :
John Hockenberry: "Do you believe they are dead, in your heart?"

Salah Al-Shahiri [brother of 9-11 hijackers Walid and Wail Al-Shahiri]: "For me? Yes."

John Hockenberry: "You do? You carry that around in your heart, right? That's a terrible burden?"

Salah Al-Shahiri: "As for myself, yes."

Salah's truth bears no resemblance to the official line from the Saudi royals--that the hijackers were religious zealots seeking revenge for the Palestinians.

John Hockenberry: "Were your two brothers religious?"

Salah Al-Shahiri: "No. Not in the way one might imagine."

John Hockenberry: "But your brothers didn't march in the streets and work day and night to free the Palestinians? Did they?"

Salah Al-Shahiri: "No."

John Hockenberry: "No. Did they talk about getting U.S. military troops out of the kingdom?"

Salah Al-Shahiri: "No."

John Hockenberry: "No. So it looks like your two brothers were brainwashed."

Salah Al-Shahiri: "Yes."

You know, if the Sauds were consciously trying to turn us into enemies they couldn't do a better job.
Posted by Orrin Judd at August 27, 2002 12:01 PM
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