August 5, 2002


War Resisters: 'We Won't Go' to 'We Won't Pay' (FELICIA R. LEE, August 3, 2002, NY Times)
For more than three decades, the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund has petitioned the federal government for a way to earmark the tax revenues that would go to the military - usually around 50 percent - for nonmilitary purposes, like education or health care. Like conscientious objectors who in the past were offered an alternative to military service, these resisters say the First Amendment protects their ethical or religious objections to paying for war with their taxes.

First of all, someone's been sniffing too much patchoulli because Defense is closer to 15% than 50% of the budget. Second of all, we 100% support the idea of targeting your own tax dollars. Everyone should get to choose exactly what programs their taxes go to and then governmental departments and programs should receive exactly as much as taxpayers chose to give them and not a penny more. This is a great idea. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 5, 2002 8:03 PM
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