August 5, 2002


Judge Dismisses Ex-Boyfriend's Abortion Challenge (Reuters, 8/05/02)
A Pennsylvania judge on Monday ruled against a man who is trying to stop his pregnant ex-girlfriend from aborting their child, saying a woman's right to an abortion was not subject to veto by a husband or partner.

Luzerne County Common Pleas President Judge Michael Conahan dissolved a July 29 special injunction that had prevented Tanya Meyers, 22, of Kingston, Pa., from getting an abortion after John Stachokus sued to force her to have the baby. She is about 10 weeks pregnant.

In a case that local legal experts said they had not seen the likes of in more than a decade, Conahan also dismissed Stachokus' lawsuit, saying the 27-year-old man from Plains Township, Pa., had no legal standing to interfere with Meyers' decision.

So the child has no rights, the father has no rights, and society has no rights--women alone wield the power of life or death. You don't have to oppose abortion as a general principle to find this kind of ruling an abomination. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 5, 2002 9:53 PM
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