August 15, 2002


Opposition group says it shot son of Hussein (Khaled Yacoub Oweis, 8/15/2002, Reuters)
''Qusay [Hussein] was an obvious target for assassination, '' said a spokesman for the [Iraqi National Congress opposition group], which is based in London and includes most of the opposition factions.

''He is the second man in command in Iraq, a war criminal who cleansed prisons and put down revolts brutally,'' the spokesman added.

Qusay Hussein heads the Republican Guards, Iraq's best trained and equipped army unit entrusted with the protection of the president. He has been promoted to the regional command of the Baath party and touted as a possible successor to Saddam Hussein.

The Iraqi National Congress spokesman said Qusay Hussein was wounded in the arm when a gunman shot at his motorcade in the Mansour district on Aug. 1. Iraqi security forces clashed with the attackers, who fled the scene, he added.

''The national resistance carried out the operation in the heart of Baghdad's security district. Knowing Qusay Hussein's whereabouts shows that the regime is penetrated,'' the spokesman said.

Take an already paranoid regime; mix in talk of the Kurds leading a Northern Front assault; add rumors of war from the United States; sprinkle in a periodic assassination attempt or cruise missile barrage; bring to a boil.... Posted by Orrin Judd at August 15, 2002 7:15 AM
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