August 26, 2002


POOR ENVIRONMENTALISTS. (Tapped, 8/26/02, The American Prospect)
Okay, time for for some classic -- and completely unscientific -- pop psychologizing. Tapped has developed the armchair theory that beating up on The New York Times has come to rival obsessive Clinton-bashing in the conservative psyche. Times bashing, after all, has all the standard characteristics: it's obsessive, it's repetitive, it's quibbling, it's scandal-mongering. Indeed, because the day-in, day-out criticism is frequently so completely out of proportion to the paper's various offenses and betrays such a strong animus, it makes one inevitably sympathize with the Times -- which, despite its inarguable shortcomings, is not exactly evil incarnate. Kind of like Clinton.

Well, yeah, except that Bill Clinton--according to the testimony, much of it uncontradicted, of various women (Ms Broaddrick, Ms Ward Gracen, Ms Willey, Ms Jones, to name a few)--is a rapist and a serial assaulter of women. That may not, in the minds of the American Prospect, rise to the level of impeachability, but it certainly makes him an incarnation of evil. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 26, 2002 1:11 PM
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