August 5, 2002


Court Issues Abortion Injunction (JOANN LOVIGLIO, August 4, 2002, Associated Press)
Abortion rights advocates are urging courts to immediately overturn a judge's unusual decision to temporarily bar a woman from ending her pregnancy.

The order came in a lawsuit filed by a man who is seeking to force former girlfriend Tanya Meyers to carry her pregnancy to term. John Stachokus says he is willing to take full or partial custody of the child and claims in his suit that Meyers is being pressured by her mother to have the procedure.

Lawyers representing Meyers called the order "a miscarriage of justice," while abortion opponents and father's rights groups praised it, saying men should have a say in the outcome of a pregnancy they helped create.

Luzerne County Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Conahan issued the temporary injunction Wednesday. He did not say when he would issue a final ruling but asked both sides to submit briefs by Monday.
Until then, Meyers, 23, who is 10 weeks pregnant, has been forbidden from having an abortion.

By what tortured legal doctrine can the father of a child be said to have no rights in the matter of its killing? Posted by Orrin Judd at August 5, 2002 12:47 PM
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