August 28, 2002


Meanwhile, Paul Cella, wonders where Roman Catholics--like Michael Novak, Richard John Neuhaus, and Paul Johnson--fit in with the neocons. For the proposition that they are such he cites the following : Capitalism and the Human Spirit (Michael Novak, Spring 2000, Public Interest) :
I doubt that neoconservatives have (or ever had) a creed, but I am willing to commit myself to the truth of the following propositions: Economics is fundamental, and yet prior to economics is politics; prior to politics is culture; and at the root of culture lies formal public worship, embodying beliefs about God and man in dramatic form (cult, in its primary sense).

We'd first note that even Mr. Novak assumes he's one of the first to craft a set of foundational propositions for neoconservatism. Second, those he drafts are not actually neoconservative but rather theoconservative. In placing Man's relationship to God at the center of his philosophy rather than Man's relationship to the State, he falls into a rather traditional conservative category. There's no neo there.
Posted by Orrin Judd at August 28, 2002 9:29 AM
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