August 2, 2002


Iraqis vacate Baghdad in droves (Iraq Press, 2002-07-31)
Tens of thousands of residents are moving out of Baghdad to more secure sites as fears mount that the United States will soon unleash a massive air and missile bombardment of the Iraqi capital. The fears are real this time as many of them believe that Washington is now serious in its bid to topple the regime of President Saddam Hussein. [...]

The unprecedented security and emergency measures taken by the regime to ward off an attack have added to the anxiety and fear which has gripped the residents in Baghdad. [...]

The economy, relying heavily on U.N.-monitored imports of food and other essential supplies, has deteriorated further recently, with the Iraqi dinar hitting lows unseen in the past two years.

Prices of food and other commodities have skyrocket ed as residents are using their savings to buy urgent needs fearing a massive U.S. military attack may lead to a disruption of supplies.

Meantime, the security services have stepped up their measures, blocking major roads leading to sensitive areas like the presidential complex in Baghdad.

Regardless of whether all the talk of attacking Iraq is mere disinformation or simply includes disinformation, it appears to be working brilliantly. A people living under these conditions eventually have to reach a breaking point, at which time it will be hard for an unpopular regime to maintain control, especially if U.S. Special Forces are on the way. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 2, 2002 2:21 PM
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