August 26, 2002


Saudis paid terrorists $200 mil., suit says (Chicago Sun-Times, August 26, 2002)
Saudi Arabian princes paid Osama bin Laden and the Taliban $200 million to spare targets in the oil-rich Persian Gulf state, according to court papers from the recent $1 trillion lawsuit filed by 900 relatives of Sept. 11 victims, the New York Post reported Sunday.

The suit, filed Aug. 15 against members of the Saudi royal family, Saudi banks and Islamic charities, alleges the payoff funded al-Qaida terror training in Afghanistan, the Post said.

According to the paper, the lawsuit alleges the deal was hammered out in two meetings between top Saudi princes and officials from al-Qaida, Pakistan and the Taliban.

Here's an example of what we meant when we said that this lawsuit may remove control of the American/Saudi relationship from the hands of the State Department's Arabists. And this, one suspects, is just the beginning.... Posted by Orrin Judd at August 26, 2002 11:32 AM
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